User FAQ's

The Telguard is designed to ring your phone of choice once the relevant property button has been pressed on the external unit.

You will receive a normal telephone call, and the number that appears on the screen (where applicable) is the unit telephone number and can be stored as “door/gate” for future reference.

Answer the call as normal, and once you have confirmed the identity of the visitor you simply press the # key (by default) and this will trigger the operating equipment. You should hear a tone down the line confirming this has been accepted and the call will be dropped, or you can simply hang up.

If you do not wish to allow the visitor access, simply hang up the call.

If you have multiple entrances that need controlling, you simply enter a different command on your telephone keypad to trigger the alternative equipment.
We recommend enabling “Call Waiting” on your phone of choice so you can see the additional call coming through.

If not, and your phone features an engaged tone, the Telguard will automatically divert to the next number where applicable.

If voice-mail is enabled, the system is unable to divert once this has answered. The visitor can leave a message or cancel the call. Please contact Telguard should you wish to enable “call answer confirmation” to override this. Firmware version dependant.
DTMF Tones - Dual Tone Multi Frequency: This must be enabled on any phone receiving a call from the Telguard system as it generates the tone which triggers the operating equipment. Please check with your phone manufacturer of choice to ensure DTMF tones can be enabled.

CPA – Call Party Answered: If you have a landline based Telguard system, we recommend this setting is enabled in order to ensure calls divert successfully onto subsequent numbers (where applicable). This is usually a free service by your line provider.

CLI – Caller Line Identification: If you have a landline based Telguard system, and you’re using the Authorised Dial-In facility, this must be enabled so incoming numbers can identified. This is usually a chargeable service by your line provider.
The Telguard system can be remotely reconfigured, either by your Installer, or by coming to Telguard directly. Please be advised there may be a charge for this service.
For any number changes or programming requests, please click here to request your change in writing. Please provide your name, full address and the telephone number you would like connected and we will get back to you within 2 working days.

*Please be advised the above settings are subject to a compatible firmware version on your Telguard intercom. Please contact Telguard directly to advise.

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