Public Sector And Social Housing Security Doors

Public sector access control systems are a requirement in many scenarios. It is dutiful for social housing services to provide social housing building entry systems and control systems. All properties require telecommunication, as it's the resident's access to the outside world and for use of the emergency services. Telguard utilises this existing equipment, meaning a static handset within the property is no longer required. You simply use your telephone for access, making our building entry systems much more accessible and functional for the modern world.

The social housing security door entry system installation cost for a Telguard product is a fraction of the comparative cost for hard-wired, as the labour fees are significantly reduced. The engineer does not require access to the individual properties for installation of the handsets, and cabling across the site is a thing of the past. Simply attach the panel to the wall, power it up, programme in the residents' telephone numbers and you're done. For future ongoing maintenance, the Telguard building entry system requires little attention as it's purely making telephone calls through to the various residents.

If a hard-wired system fails, it could be 1 of 3 things minimum: the external unit, the internal handset, or the dreaded wiring. Diagnosis of the fault can take several hours, and often if the handset needs replacing it's found to be discontinued by the manufacturer. Telguard offers a Technical Helpdesk for remote diagnostics, so site visits are few and far between. You can rest assured knowing that your public sector building entry systems are in completely safe hands.

Social Housing Security Door Entry

From an installation perspective, Landline technology makes remote entrances far more accessible, as cable restrictions are virtually eradicated. These social housing security doors are much simpler, all that is needed is to link your door with the security system's power, a telephone line, and a connection to the operating equipment is all that's needed to have a complete access control solution.

We are aware of how important security is especially with regards to social housing security doors. Our building entry systems will ensure that only visitors granted permission to enter will be granted access to the building.

The Senior is our recommended multi-user product for this application, so please click here for further details.

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