Public Sector Environments

At Telguard we offer a variety of systems which act as a seamless solution across various environments within the public sector. From schools to hospitals, care homes to flats, you can feel rest assured your system is bespoke-made to your needs, and built to last. Our custom services include engraving, LED indicator lights, hearing aid induction loops, Braille buttons and more!


Several hundred schools across the UK have already benefitted from the Telguard intercom solution, with further quotes being submitted daily. With a cost effective installation and minimal disruption regarding maintenance, it's easy to see why it's the choice of many.

Several schools integrate our popular Landline intercom solution with their internal phone system, so no ongoing call charges or line rental. The Telguard is simply programmed to ring extension numbers, such as the School Reception, should someone require access at the door or gate. They can then allow access by pressing a button on their telephone handset.

With more competitive tariffs than ever before, GSM is the number 1 choice across most schools today. The internal time clock means the Telguard can divert to the Caretaker's mobile outside of school hours, or even to organisers of various after-school clubs. With the authorised dial-in facility, staff and contractors can gain access during restricted hours without the need for additional access control equipment.

For single button requirements ringing through to Reception (for example), please click here.

If your school requires access to various departments or school years, please click here to see our multiple-button systems.

Social Housing

All properties require telecommunication, as it's the resident's access to the outside world and for use of the emergency services. Telguard utilises this existing equipment, meaning a static handset within the property is no longer required. You simply use your telephone!

The installation cost for a Telguard system is a fraction of the comparative cost for hard-wired, as the labour fees are significantly reduced. The engineer does not require access to the individual properties for installation of the handsets, and cabling across the site is a thing of the past. Simply attach the panel to the wall, power it up, programme in the residents' telephone numbers and you're done! For ongoing maintenance, the Telguard requires little attention as it's purely making telephone calls through to the various residents. If a hard-wired system fails, it could be 1 of 3 things minimum: the external unit, the internal handset, or the dreaded wiring. Diagnosis of the fault can take several hours, and often if the handset needs replacing it's found to be discontinued by the manufacturer. Telguard offers a Techical Helpdesk for remote diagnostics, so site visits are few and far between.

From an installation perspective, Landline technology makes remote entrances far more accessible, as cable restrictions are virtually eradicated. Power, telephone line and a connection to the operating equipment is all that's needed to have a complete access control solution.

The Senior is our recommended product for this application, so please click here for further details.


Many hospitals have benefited from the Telguard range of products, and across a variety of different departments. This includes internal automated doors to specific wards, external main entrance doors to various buildings, or barriers to staff and public parking facilities. The systems themselves can have various DDA compliant customisations, such as Braille buttons and LED Indicator lights, which work seamlessly with the default automated voice assist. This means if the user is hard of hearing or visually impaired, the system can guide them through the process before access is granted.

For parking assistance, the Telguard is a vital component. The system can either ring through to a dedicated office to confirm access to the visitor, or they can dial-to-open or use a pin code which only works within set hours. This means authorised visitors can access the site with ease and efficiency, without creating those hideous tail-backs.

Perhaps you'd like to utilise our Help & Assistance panels, which can be powder coated red or yellow to attract attention in case of an emergency. These can ring through to a dedicated team who can assist with the issue, and trace the department location immediately through the unit's independent telephone number (please ensure CLI is enabled on the line).

For details of our DDA range, including Help & Assistance panels, please click here.

For single button entrance solutions click here or if you require multiple department access, click here.

Telguard is a British manufacturer and distributor of GSM and telephone based intercoms. Used for door, gate and barrier access, our systems can be operated from the convenience of your mobile phone!