Single Dwelling Interfaces

For any single entrance requirements; Telguard have got it covered. Our vast range of options cater for any environment, whether domestic or commercial.

Our single call button systems have the ability to ring up to 8 numbers in a cascade sequence, so you’re not restricted to just the one recipient. Telguard is unique in its ability to recognise an engaged tone, so it will automatically begin dialling the next number in the sequence so there is little delay for the visitor. It can even be customised per number so it only rings for a certain number of seconds before diverting to avoid any answer machines.

We can offer custom engraving on your intercom and create a template to depict how the system will look. Whether it’s the property name of specific operating instructions, we’re able to custom create any system to your bespoke needs. If you’d rather a more modern feel for your required site, we have our backlit LCD display option where the property name can be programmed in, and re-programmed where required.

View the options below to see which intercom best suits your needs. Feel free to call us with any questions!