Selective Dwelling Interfaces

If your site has a selective number of dwellings; Telguard can custom create a system to meet your needs. We are renowned in the industry for our bespoke units, available with up to 24 call buttons in your chosen layout.

Each call button has the ability to ring up to 8 telephone numbers in sequence, thus reducing the likelihood of missing a visitor. You can even programme the system to ring a certain number between designated hours or even deactivate during unsociable hours.

We offer an in-house engraving service so each button can be labelled accordingly, whether that’s for numbers, house names or even businesses. If the property names are likely to change, what not try our Display Tag system with up to 7 call buttons? This features a backlit LCD display per call button which can be programmed with up to 16 characters, perfect for business parks.

With a variety of additional options, you can add a coded entry keypad which holds up to 400 pin codes, or even a cut-out for a proximity reader. The options are virtually endless!