Auto Dial Alarm System

In a situation where there is remote equipment to be operated without audio, we are able to offer the Telguard Hub as a dialler via GSM. The GSM requires a SIM card and we are able to supply an O2 SIM with the system; please call for details. This is simply the best GSM dialler for alarm systems you can find!

The GSM alarm system option comes integrated with a signal confirmation feature which enables you to check the network coverage within your installation area via LED indicators. The Hub is a PCB that operates as a central control unit and is housed within a moulded plastic enclosure. This can be connected to equipment controlling gates, doors, CCTV & lighting via shorting relays, activated remotely via DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) phone commands.

The Hub can also control access using it’s priority numbers function. This allows you to program a list of authorised users (up to 900) who can then dial in and fire the relays, operating any of the equipment connected to the Hub or gaining access to site. The in-built time clock can also be used to restrict authorised users to entry between certain times/dates as well as the equipment that the hub is controlling; for example, a barrier that needs to be latched open between 08:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday.

The system is installer programmed remotely from a standard telephone or mobile, modem link or a USB connection. There is also an activity log built into the unit, which allows an audit trail of users and their subsequent actions to be extracted, either remotely via modem or locally via USB.