Residential Door Access Control System – Variable Call Point Systems

Our multiple door access control systems have been designed specifically for sites where the number of call points may vary. We have a comprehensive range of products to suit your needs. The Telguard range really comes into its own here, as the installation cost compared to traditional hard-wired solutions is greatly reduced.

Not only do the door access control systems for residential buildings significantly increase security on the premises, it also provides added convenience. These multiple occupancy control systems are convenient once installed but are also simple to install in the first place. There is a range of different residential door access control systems on offer, catering to the demands of different environments.

For multiple dwellings with property numbers, we usually recommend a digital keypad system such as the Telguard Junior. This has been predominantly designed for use on flats and has additional A & B buttons to accommodate specific properties.

If the dwellings are not all numbered e.g., a mixture of domestic and commercial, multiple blocks or various named business units, the Millennium or Senior models would be best suited. They each feature a scrollable backlit LCD display so the visitor can select who they wish to call; they also provide call progress updates. To make call selection even easier, some models can have sub-directories built into the display, meaning multiple blocks or site areas are covered, making it more user friendly.

Trade buttons are included as standard and work with the inbuilt time clock featuring 9 programmable time profiles. Built using vandal resistant 316 marine grade stainless steel, they really are designed to stand the test of time. For more information on all of our available products, call 01306 710120 today.