Our Intercom Customer Support Services

Are you struggling to figure out how to solve your intercom issues? Don’t worry, Commtel can assist you! Telguard’s intercom customer support service is of the highest quality, we strive to provide our customers with straightforward solutions to their intercom needs.

Our unique back-up services, across every product range, provides all distributors, installers, owners and users, with the very best in installation and ongoing product support. Here at Telguard, our customer service and support are what sets us apart from other intercom providers, we go above and beyond to provide a seamless service.

Every Telguard unit and now every Optimus Intercom system can be remotely supported. From adding or changing the call point telephone numbers, to full diagnostics interrogation and history reports, we’ll be able to help. Remote intercom customer support is still unique in the industry.

Programming can even be done on-site: by entering the various codes on the intercom’s keypad or by connecting the intercom via a programming lead to a laptop. Equally, you could phone the intercom and use the voice assist program to enter all of the correct numbers. Texting the intercom is quick and easy and our new programming app is also proving to be a very popular solution for our customers. No matter what your needs are, our intercom customer support systems are there to help provide you with a quick and simple solution as possible, so you can get on with your day quickly, and without hassle.

You could have the intercom pre-programmed before it is delivered or Commtel can make the changes for you, once it is on-site and installed. We also sell a Commtel modem allowing you to make the programming changes from the comfort of your own office. There is always a quick and easy way to program a Telguard or an Optimus unit.

Property managers are relying more and more, on remote support and remote programming, particularly when it comes to intercom customer support. It saves you both time and money because if we can remotely support your intercom you don’t always need to send out an engineer, making the process much simpler for those in urgent need, with busy schedules.

Typical areas of programming include:

  • Telephone number management (incoming as well as outgoing)
  • Access code management
  • Relay control and set-up
  • Time zone control
  • Product settings (General functionality, etc.)
  • Customised texting (Alerts etc.)
  • Data logs (activity reports, etc.)
  • Specialised customisation (in-depth settings)

More ideas are being added to this list every year and Commtel encourages people to make new suggestions all the time so that tomorrow's products can offer even more.

Contact Commtel today, to discover how our remote programming and intercom customer support can save you time and money.