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The New Telguard 4G and Hy-Can Range!

Published:11th September 2019

Read more about Telguards new and exciting 4G and Hy-Can range in our latest blog. Find out more information here!


The Intercom System You've Been Wishing For!

Published:7th January 2019

We're always looking to expand upon our range of products and look to find new solutions to existing problems. Find out how we can create the Intercom system you've been wishing for!


Development Partners

Published:30th November 2018

Find out how you could be a part of our development process when it comes to improving our products!


Telguard's Tech Support

Published:30th November 2018

Our customer and tech support services are designed to make the process for our client's as simple as possible. Find out how we can help you here!


Customised Fascia's

Published:31st August 2018

Here at Telguard we are able to offer you with customised fasica's to suit your needs, find out more here!


The Telguard Millenium

Published:3rd August 2018

What are our Telguard display tags? Find out more about them here!


What Are Telguard Display Tags?!

Published:22nd June 2018

What are our Telguard display tags? Find out more about them here!


Telguard At IFSEC Show 2018!

Published:6th June 2018

We will be attending this year's IFSEC show, find out more here!


Ensuring Your Safety And Security In The Workplace

Published:4th May 2018

Ensure your security in the workplace, in order to keep your colleagues and your possessions safe.


Take a Look at Our Gate Access Control Systems at Brocket Hall!

Published: 29th March 2018

Take a look here to see our gate access control systems and solutions at Brocket Hall!


The Benefits Of Intercom

Published: 2nd March 2018

What are the benefits of having an intercom system? Here we take a look to find out how these systems could benefit your business!


The History And Future Of Intercoms

Published: 2nd February 2018

When did intercom systems first become popular? How have they developed over the years? Here we take a look at the history of Intercom systems.


Preventing Those Pesky Door To Door Salesmen!

Published: 22nd December 2017

Are you fed up of those pesky door to door salesmen knocking on your door? Answer the door only to be left standing trying to get away from their sales pitch? Not anymore! Find out more here!.


New Website & Christmas Competition!

Published: 10th November 2017

To help celebrate the launch of our new website, we are keen to receive your Telguard install pictures to feature on our site. All suitable photos submitted will be posted online and entered into a price draw to win a Christmas Hamper!


Telguard In Beer!

Published: 23rd June 2017

In this post alone, I am going to explain to you all how you can get more of the things you enjoy just by using Telguard... it just so happens the thing I tend to enjoy more than most is a... Beer, a King Lear, a quick pint, a swift half… ironically enough I tend to ask for a “swift half” after I have been at the pub for the last 10 hours and now I have to be ‘swift’ly getting a cab home to bed. Never the less this can all translate very nicely into whatever luxury (or necessity depending on your point of view) items or services you so wish. The reason I tell you this in beer is we do not give away trade prices to anyone, we are strictly a trade-only seller and can only divulge the proper figure to installers of our units.


Introducing Mike Blower

Published: 19th January 2017

I know what you’re thinking, so no it’s not one of those stars created from the name of your first pet and the road you grew up on... this is serious stuff! Mike Blower is yet another brilliant creation from the ingenious minds that make Telguard so different in the door entry industry.


Sharing is Caring!

Published: 17th January 2017

Who breaks into a care home? I thought most people wanted to escape them not break in? Only joking! Most of the care homes we deal with are full of dedicated, conscientious, caring people who make a positive difference to the community. So when we were asked to assist with securing one from intruders and yet allowing authorised access 24 hours a day, every day of the year, we rose to the challenge.


RoboCop's P45

Published: 10th January 2017

Imagine having a security system on your gate that allows you to effortlessly alert a security team or simply let people in without the need for a 6’6 ex body builder dressed as half a robot? I know, how fantastic would that be?! Well... I have learnt of a set up using a Telguard system that I wanted to share with the security community.


The Millennium Falcons: Still Going Strong

Published: 30th December 2016

Back in 2013 I had the pleasure of working on a site called The Falcons Estate in London; where the Board of Directors required a replacement door entry solution across 7 high-rise blocks of flats with 8 automatic entrance gates serving over 300 apartments. Re-cabling was not an option on this site, so GSM seemed the sensible solution.


Telguard is a British manufacturer and distributor of GSM and telephone based intercoms. Used for door, gate and barrier access, our systems can be operated from the convenience of your mobile phone!