Gate Access Control

Gated communities, such as blocks of flats or multiple houses, often have automatic entrances from the day the site opened. Others choose to add this facility at a later date for various purposes; such as security, adding value or aesthetics. Whatever the reason, Telguard is an ideal solution based on its minimal cabling and ease of installation for gate access control.

Community Access Control Systems

Even if the individual properties already have an existing door-entry facility in place (such as hard-wired), you can run the Telguard in parallel. This means for visitors at the gate, the resident will receive a telephone call, and visitors at the block entrance or front door will ring their existing hand-set.

We can cater for a variety of difference sites, so if you would like a system with individual call buttons please click here. For a multi-user system with either an LCD screen or digital keypad, please click here.