Retail Entrance Solutions

Telguard are proud to have supplied our systems to various SME and blue-chip retail organisations across the UK, ensuring users are fully confident with their retail access control systems! From shops fronts to warehouses, our telephone-based solution is the obvious choice. Should a large stock delivery arrive for example, the driver can press the Call button which will ring through to a mobile or DECT phone in the Warehouse Manager's pocket. No longer does he need to walk (or run!) to the hard-wired handset located on the inside of the roller shutter. He can now speak to the driver, confirm his identity number, then press a button on his telephone keypad to operate the shutter. All whilst walking to the Goods-In location... talk about efficiency!

Retail Access Control

Alternatively, the Telguard works in perfect synergy with shop fronts, as staff serving at the counter no longer need to leave their customers to open the back door for deliveries. They can simply answer the call on the landline telephone at the shop front, and allow access whilst completing their transaction.

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