Business Park Entry Systems

If your business park has automated equipment located on the entrance to the site, then Telguard has the business park entry systems intercom for you. As the system has minimal cabling, it can cater to contact all businesses (up to 1000!) by simply ringing their office or mobile phone number. This means hard-wiring from the entrance to all separate business units are a thing of the past, and a change of business simply requires re-programming a new set of numbers into the system.

The business park entry systems we supply will make your business much more secure and will enable additional convenience. You can be provided with the peace of mind that your business has maximised security when you choose Telguard’s business park entry systems with intercom.

Industrial Access Control

On our digital display models, the visitor scrolls through the list of business names and selects "Call" to ring through to their chosen company. If they are a regular visitor or delivery, they can simply dial into the Telguard using their mobile phone and the operating equipment will automatically open, providing they are programmed into the authorised number facility. The system can hold up to 950 numbers, and all attempts to dial-in (whether successful or not) are recorded on the proprietary software which is available to industrial access system installers. Access control has never been simpler!

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