Commercial Environments

The Telguard range of products can be found across a multitude of commercial sites across the UK, and the brand is synonymous with quality, longevity and innovation.

Boasting 2.5mm British 316 marine-grade stainless steel, our panels are durable enough to withstand even the harshest of environments. From business parks allowing HGV access to multi-user systems with hundreds of daily visitors, you can feel rest assured the Telguard will continue working hard for you throughout the coming years.

Businesses will often choose Telguard for their intercom requirements, as many SME's have unmanned offices for several hours a day. The Telguard allows them to authorise access to visitors and deliveries without having to rearrange their schedules and be present on site. They will always be informed by a simple telephone call through to their mobile, keeping them in control at all times.


Telguard are proud to have supplied our systems to various SME and blue-chip retail organisations across the UK. From shops fronts to warehouses, our telephone-based solution is the obvious choice. Should a large stock delivery arrive for example, the driver can press the Call button which will ring through to a mobile or DECT phone in the Warehouse Manager's pocket. No longer does he need to walk (or run!) to the hard-wired handset located on the inside of the roller shutter. He can now speak to the driver, confirm his identity number, then press a button on his telephone keypad to operate the shutter. All whilst walking to the Goods-In location... talk about efficiency!

Alternatively, the Telguard works in perfect synergy with shop fronts, as staff serving at the counter no longer need to leave their customers to open the back door for deliveries. They can simply answer the call on the landline telephone at the shop front, and allow access whilst completing their transaction.

For any single entrance requirements, please click here.

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Office Blocks

Our multi-user systems are a popular choice for office blocks, as the inbuilt time clock and downloadable activity log means your business is catered for from a security and access control perspective. Your staff can be issued a coded entry pin; or authorised access to the secure dial-to-open feature, which has been custom configured between set hours and specific days. This means you can ensure staff and contractors are only allowed access during authorised times, and you can also keep a log of their attendance.

The time clock is also a key feature for visitors requiring access out of office hours. No longer do you require a separate button for this feature, as the Telguard automatically updates to BST and can be programmed to ring a different number at set times of day.

The Telguard Junior, Millennium & Senior are the most popular models for these applications, and full details including specification sheets can be located here.

Business Parks

If your business park has automated equipment located on the entrance to the site, then Telguard is the intercom for you. As the system has minimal cabling, it can cater to contact all businesses (up to 1000!) by simply ringing their office or mobile phone number. This means hard-wiring from the entrance to all separate business units is a thing of the past, and a change of business simply requires re-programming a new set of numbers into the system.

On our digital display models, the visitor scrolls through the list of business names and selects "Call" to ring through to their chosen company. If they are a regular visitor or delivery, then can simply dial into the Telguard using their mobile phone and the operating equipment will automatically open, providing they are programmed into the authorised number facility. The system can hold up to 950 numbers, and all attempts to dial-in (whether successful or not) are recorded on the proprietary software which is available to installers.

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Telguard is a British manufacturer and distributor of GSM and telephone based intercoms. Used for door, gate and barrier access, our systems can be operated from the convenience of your mobile phone!