Windlesham Gates is one of the UK's leading specialists of gate installers; supplying and installing quality electric gates which are manufactured here in the UK. They strive to improve the entrance to people’s homes, add value to people’s properties and improve overall security and privacy.

We have been working with Windlesham for several years to supply high-quality intercom systems for their range of automatic gates.

Why did you choose to use Telguard products?

“Our technical team really recommend using Telguard products. Particularly as they have introduced an app, where we as the installers can have full access control over the system. This aspect, in particular, was a fundamental attraction for us. They were one of the first companies to introduce this kind of access, and it was excellent. I feel it is the best application on the market currently.”

What projects have you used Telguard products for?

Grade 2 Listed House – Camberley, Surrey.

“This project was a new installation on a luxury grade 2 listed home in Surrey. The homeowner asked if we could provide them with access control to their property. However, the issue was they had the main house and a connecting house to the side of the property. The owners wanted both properties to have equal access to the intercom, but also have separate dialling codes.”

How did Telguard help?

“The system that Telguard provided us was exactly what the owners asked for. The owners liked the idea that both properties at their home could provide access. The two-button panel (recommended by the team at Telguard) gave the homeowner the option to receive calls to the main house and also have the option to divert calls to another location on the property, where they have their own button, which rang remotely and separate from the main house.”

What is your feedback on the overall quality of the products/service they provide?

“They have great products. The two-button panel they offer is a good system for large homes. The application they offer is excellent and for our customers, this is a really attractive system they want and have asked for.”

We're looking forward to continuing our work withWindlesham Gates in the future!

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