Access Control Systems For The Public Sectors

At Telguard we offer a variety of public sector door entry and access control systems that act as a seamless solution across various environments within the sector. These commercial access control systems for public sector buildings provide maximised safety and security levels for peace of mind. From schools to hospitals, care homes to flats, you can feel rest assured your system is bespoke-made to your needs and built to last. Telguard’s custom services include engraving, LED indicator lights, hearing aid induction loops, Braille buttons and more. See our public sector access control systems here.

Why Is Public Access Control Necessary?

Even with public sector buildings that are openly available for public entry, such as hospitals, investing in access control systems may be extremely worthwhile. There may be certain areas within buildings that are private and need to be kept more secure from the general public. This is where public access control becomes extremely helpful and beneficial. In order to keep public sector security high, but still, allow access to certain areas, tailored access control systems are the ideal solution. This will provide both staff and visitors with the peace of mind that your public sector building is completely safe and secure.

Why Choose Telguard For Public Access Control?

You may already be sold on the idea of commercial building access control systems, but unsure of which provider to choose or which system is best suited to your building requirements and needs.There are a number of notable benefits that we provide. Telguard works towards providing completely tailored products that work for particular types of buildings so that both security and convenience can be maintained.

Public sector access control systems ensure that all properties are protected as much as possible. If you would like to find out any additional information surrounding our services, or any of our systems, do not hesitate to get in touch, call our industry specialists on +44(0)1306 710120 to find out more.

Explore some of the building control systems we offer in more detail below: