Ensuring Your Safety And Security In The Workplace With Access Control Security

Managers face numerous challenges within the workplace and some of the most important concerns involve security as well as the safety of all employees. It is also a well-known fact that a one-size-fits all approach will hardly deliver the appropriate results. Modern times call for equally modern and innovative solutions. This is why many offices are now employing technological systems such as access control security, intercoms, and bespoke monitoring equipment; as workplace security and safety is paramount. What are some of the benefits associated with intercoms and workplace access control, and why is Telguard the supplier of choice when nothing but the best will do?

Safety and Security in the Workplace: Why Choose Intercoms?

The importance of safety and security in the workplace cannot be overstated; particularly in an era partially defined by employees coming and going on a regular basis. Whether referring to a telesales firm or a supplier of warehouse equipment, the principle remains the same. All environments dealing with large volumes of people require some kind of access control security. Workers need to be provided with a streamlined and user-friendly system that will enable them to enter designated areas within seconds. This is often accomplished with the use of an intercom system. There are several key advantages to appreciate:

  • An intercom system for office requirements can be customised based upon the needs of the location.
  • These networks allow for instantaneous communication between two or more parties.
  • Only authorised personnel will be allowed to enter.
  • They act as excellent authentication techniques within restricted areas.

Let's also not forget that a door intercom system for business purposes is alert 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This could reduce (or entirely eliminate) the need for security personnel to be posted. Over time, companies will save a great deal of money while still enjoying superior levels of safety when they choose to opt for access control security systems. Safety and security in the workplace will never falter!

Various Workplace Access Control Systems for Bespoke Requirements

Telguard is pleased to offer a wide array of intercoms. Thus, even the most demanding needs can be adequately met through a cost-effective approach. We are able to provide workplace access control for single-door entry systems, units designed for outdoor use, back-lit keypads, LCD screens with custom messages and assistance panels. These are only a handful of the vast range of options to choose from. There are even specific models designed around the needs of the physically impaired. Still, the main takeaway point is simple. The importance of office security can be adequately addressed through the use of an effective intercom system. The safety of colleagues, as well as the ability to protect vital assets will no longer be called into question. Investing in access control security is a perfect way to be proactive, instead of reactive, through not allowing a lack of security to cause any issues.

Additional Security Recommendations

There is no doubt that a streamlined intercom system for office requirements is an invaluable addition. However, many choose to employ these networks in conjunction with other options such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems in order to proactively monitor all environments. These also act as excellent deterrents, as thieves and unauthorised personnel are less likely to enter an area known to possess a robust security framework.

Managers still need to be vigilant even with these systems in place. Door locks should be checked on a regular basis to make certain that they are functioning properly. Any ground-level windows must be equipped with hardware to eliminate entry from the outside (particularly first-floor windows). If any of these assemblies are outdated or otherwise insufficient, they should be replaced at the earliest possible convenience.

Workplace Security Is No Laughing Matter

It is the responsibility of every employee to make certain that safety and security are never compromised. This is why Telguard is often employed when generic solutions are not viable. This is because we really take the time to get to know the specific requirements of the individual building and are therefore able to suggest the most ideal access control security system for you. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact a representative. We will be happy to assist further. If you’re looking for your personal home, feel free to take a look at our single dwelling interfaces. Also, if you’re interested, feel free to read our latest news!

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