The multi-talented Telguard Millennium.

The Telguard Millennium has evolved from the original telephone door entry security system, first made in 1988.

The first, original, Telguard telephone entry system was created at a beautiful stately home which sat within 6,000 acres of land. The property had three access points which were spread over a mile apart from one another. Each access point needed to link to both the reception and, also to any of the 33 properties on-site.

Nothing like it even existed at the time, but here at Commtel, we love a challenge! So, by utilising the knowledge and experience of our incredible team, the Telguard Senior was created. This product successfully resolved the access control conundrum and provided the solution to everybody’s needs! By using the existing telephone wiring/network, and the property owner’s themselves using their existing telephones, the Telguard Senior could communicate to all of the properties at a fraction of the cost of installing a hardwired system.

The Telguard Senior has now evolved further turning into the Telguard Millennium, which can now be either a GSM, SIP or landline-based intercom which can call from 1 to 1000 separate numbers via a backlit LCD display. This system is installed and programmed on-site, but can also be altered remotely via SMS, modem link or a USB connection.

The LCD display is programmed to call a different telephone number relating to the destination in question, be it a flat, office, house, etc. When a visitor presses the required button, the Electronic Voice Assist will confirm that the call is being made. A telephone call will be made from the entrance panel to the destination telephone number, where you’ll be able to communicate with the person inside.

The telephone will ring inside the premises, or if a mobile number is called then, the recipient could be anywhere in the world. When answered, the recipient can speak to the visitor in the normal way. If the line is engaged or the recipient is out, then the Telguard Multi Millennium is able to search for up to 8 other phone numbers. If the recipient is out and has not set up any other facility, then the Electronic Voice Assist™ will say that it has not been possible to connect the call.

If the recipient chooses to allow their visitor access, they simply press a digit on their telephone hand-set and the tone from the button will operate a relay linked to the entrance, whether a door, gate or barrier, and the visitor then has access. The key-pad is used for secure coded entry for local access via a 4 – 8 digit code, allowing authorised access.

To find out more about our audio intercom systems, give Commtel Ltd a call today and ask for a personalised quote on the Telguard Millennium. This bespoke system is the most cost-effective multi-user door, gate and barrier system on the market. With two years warranty offered, alongside two years free programming, you won’t be disappointed.

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