Telguard In Beer!

Find out how we can help you buy more Beer!

Telguard explained in Beer

In this post alone, I am going to explain to you all how you can get more of the things you enjoy just by using Telguard... it just so happens the thing I tend to enjoy more than most is a... Beer, a King Lear, a quick pint, a swift half… ironically enough I tend to ask for a “swift half” after I have been at the pub for the last 10 hours and now I have to be ‘swift’ly getting a cab home to bed. Never the less this can all translate very nicely into whatever luxury (or necessity depending on your point of view) items or services you so wish. The reason I tell you this in beer is we do not give away trade prices to anyone, we are strictly a trade-only seller and can only divulge the proper figure to installers of our units.

The Case (Of Beers *Chuckle*) Study

At Telguard we have been... Busy. We have brought out 4 new products in the last year, planning on another 2-4 this year, made our prices more competitive as well as bringing out a whole distribution range which I’m sure you will all become familiar with!

I tell you this because there is a very key word in that sentence “Competitive”. Telguard have committed to keeping our prices where they are or even in some cases slightly lowering them to take our rightful place at the top of the Intercom Game Of Thrones. So I looked into competing companies and found there was a good amount of money to be saved on our kits in comparison to some other companies.

The Widget

I started calculations with one of our top customers to find out exactly how much they saved per order/ month/ year. This particular customer consistently buys between 5-10 ML T-Bespokes a month plus various other units but for the sake of this exercise we stuck to ML T-Bespokes.


We tallied up our finds and went down the pub to celebrate, we found that per ML T-Bespoke he was saving 52 pints of Beer!... the equivalent average weight of 52 pints for scale is 200 Bananas, 43 iPad’s, 1000 roses for you romantics or 11,111 Table Tennis Balls... IN BEER! Glad to see I now have your full attention with no skim reading. Now we multiply that by his average of 7.5 ML’s a month... 390 Pints of your favorite tipple, the average weight of a Eastern Lowland Silver Back Gorilla (depending on your sources). “So Telguard how many pints of beer are you saving me a year?” Good question reader of this post! ....*Drum Roll*.... 4,680 pints of Britain’s national drink of choice! If a mother Kangaroo was to carry that much beer in her pouch she would have to be 920m tall to sustain the weight... that’s a big Marsupial.

What am I actually saying

What I’m actually saying is our main competitors can’t compete with our ML T-Bespoke (One Button + Keypad). Our units are 2mm thick 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, comes with huge amounts of features and overall is a competitive unit. To add the icing on the cake, as explained above you can save a substantial amount of money across the board. This is just the tip of the iceberg, a drop in the ocean or a single cloud in a never ending sky. To find out what the rest of the iceberg looks like feel free to contact Telguard by phone +44(0)1306 710120, by email or drop me a message on good ol’ LinkedIn. Now if you excuse me ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a pint of a certain IPA!