Door Entry Security

Imagine having a security system on your gate that allows you to effortlessly alert a security team or simply let people in without the need for a 6’6 ex body builder dressed as half a robot? I know, how fantastic would that be?! Well... I have learnt of a set up using a Telguard system that I wanted to share with the security community.


  • 1x New Telguard ML (Multi Layer) series unit (stocked by Telguard or one of our partners in distribution)
  • 1x ANPR Camera with 2 switch relays including Software (we all know what these are. No egg sucking needed!)
  • 1x Ex-SAS Security Team (Optional, but does add heat!)


  • First of you install a very nice set of automated gates to a flavor of your customer’s choosing
  • You then choose an ANPR camera to suit the need and install

Now for the set up

  • Our new ML systems come as standard with 2 x AUX inputs which lends itself quite handily to the new sophisticated ANPR camera’s on the market that have 2 relays
  • Link both relays on the ANPR camera to both AUX inputs on the ML system

Now this is the clever bit...

  • On all of our systems, every feature can work with an individual AUX input… I know it’s too good to be true (cue QVC hands)
  • Let’s make AUX Input 1 and Relay 1 the good input for number plates that are recognised by the system. Once the ANPR camera has done its job it sends a pulse to AUX Input 1 on our ML series which in turn tells the system to either act as if the customer has pressed the call button or simply open the gates. Simples!

The really clever bit!

  • You have the local Crime Lord come to your gates... it’s 1:30am... your Ex-SAS Security Team are at the back of the property cleaning up the remnants of the marble statue of a naked lady they turned into holey cheese because they mistook it for an attacker. Your ANPR does its job and picks up the unrecognised number plate, in turn it sends pulse from relay 2 to AUX Input 2 on the ML system.
  • Now... your ace in the hand... you can set up the system to send a completely custom text to up to 10 predetermined numbers including you and/or your security team which could be to the effect of “The ANPR Camera has detected an unidentified number plate, please investigate” or if you don’t have enemies with nicknames such as Blade, Snake or Bullet Tooth Tony then you can program the system to simply act as if they have pressed a call point so you can speak with the unknown party.

Now this is obviously written with a hint of “zest” but the recipe is actually a very good guideline for a solution in which you can give the customer a fully autonomous, very secure system for a good price!

Now if that doesn’t give RoboCop at least a written warning I don’t know what will!