The new TelGuard 4G and Hy-Can range, we’re LTE!

At TelGuard, we’re always working hard to find you new and innovative solutions to common door entry and access control problems. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that our GSM products have been upgraded from 2G to 4G (LTE). This includes the ML range (Multi-Layer), meaning that our intercoms will have a better frequency, and a more efficient and reliable service for our users. The ML range comes with a newly developed back box, a new and improved keypad and a new 4G LTE board.

So, what does this signify? By elevating the range and using the latest equipment available, users will have a better chance of gaining a signal when others are struggling with their network due to overcrowding of the frequency bands. As 4G covers a greater bandwidth, which suggests that if there is ever a case when 4G is not available, then the intercom will automatically connect to the 3G and 2G services. The result is a faster and clearer product than the standard 2G only module.

Alan, CEO and founder of Commtel, the umbrella group for TelGuard and Optimus said: “At Commtel, we continue to develop using the latest technology available in both our products and network services. We will always aspire to improve and overcome issues which cannot be foreseen. We are always committed to providing our clients with a lifelong product, ensuring we have a transparent and strong relationship with you, so whatever issues you may have, we’ll seek the answers.”

LTE embraces a wider range of signals, simply making it stronger, uncomplicated and overall, a better experience for users, as LTE can be used anywhere that a single signal can be found.

With our focus always aiming to strive for great quality products, we’ll always seek new solutions to your door entry and access control problems.