The Millennium Falcons: Still Going Strong

Back in 2013 I had the pleasure of working on a site called The Falcons Estate in London; where the Board of Directors required a replacement door entry solution across 7 high-rise blocks of flats with 8 automatic entrance gates serving over 300 apartments. Re-cabling was not an option on this site, so GSM seemed the sensible solution.

Whilst pitching the Telguard features and benefits, it became clear the site requirements were extremely unique and that I would need to work closely with our in-house Developers to offer the perfect system; and I think we nailed it.

Working alongside the awarded installation company; we custom designed multiple GSM intercoms based on our popular Millennium model, which features a backlit LCD display and keypad. With integrated individual buttons for each of the 7 falcon-breed block names, visitors were able to clearly select their required block along with the flat number, and in any order. Our comprehensive programming provided intuitive on-screen instructions depending on which button was pressed first to ensure the visitor got through to their required destination, whether they followed the engraved instructions or not.

The site is situated on the doorstep of Europe's busiest train station, so authorising access for parking was one of their biggest concerns. The majority of flats have their own parking space, but giving residents the ability to allow vehicle access had previously caused issues; as friends and relatives were given the green light to use "vacant" spaces which happened to be owned by other flats. This request certainly got our Software Developer Tony scratching his head, but of course he soon came up with a brilliant solution.

He created our innovative "tone match group" feature, which allows certain users the ability to trigger specific relays whilst others remain prohibited. This meant that the Concierge Team at the front desk could allow access to visitors via the main vehicle gate at all times but residents could not (even if they knew the command!). They were limited to simply firing the pedestrian gate as and when required.

The site currently utilises most of our standard Telguard features and have chosen to take full control of the programming via a GSM modem situated in the Concierge office. This means that they can add and remove telephone numbers on demand and can also download a full activity log of the system; should they wish to check when certain pin codes or commands had been used. They also take advantage of the inbuilt time clock with 9 time profiles per intercom, which allows them to provide a pin code to the cleaners which will only work between their allocated hours.

The success of this site has been their ability to take full control of the door entry systems without being tied to us, and also their freedom in choosing whether to utilise the many custom features or not. We're always here at the end of the phone should they need us, but in all honesty we've hardly heard a peep out of them.

Customising bespoke features and aesthetics will always be our crowning glory, but even the simple 1 button GSM system on the Concierge door has not gone unappreciated, and will continue working hard for them for many years to come.