Introducing Mike Blower

I know what you’re thinking, so no it’s not one of those stars created from the name of your first pet and the road you grew up on... this is serious stuff! Mike Blower is yet another brilliant creation from the ingenious minds that make Telguard so different in the door entry industry.

My first encounter with Mike was on an install over in Surrey at a junior school. They had 2 flush mounted GSM T-Bespoke’s on their automated gates (entry and exit) but experienced a few weather-related issues. Now Surrey isn’t exactly renowned for its terrible downpours, but as the school entrance is down a long entrance road framed by tall bushes; it’s quite a forceful wind tunnel. As a result, the main entrance panel suffered the occasional speech issues as the water was collecting in the tiny cut-out holes for the microphone.

The school very much hoped this wouldn’t be a recurring issue, so their initial resolution was advising the visitor to gently knock on the panel when they couldn’t hear them correctly. This would encourage any water droplets to cascade from their caves and drip off the face-plate. Now if I was in a car waiting behind the visitor and saw them knocking on the panel I would strongly fear for the person’s mental wellbeing, but needs must!

This solution was used for a while, probably as the school assumed there wouldn’t be an alternative option, but we had something up our sleeves...

A couple of years prior, our Hardware Developer already created a simple yet effective solution for issues such as this. Introducing Mike Blower. Consisting of a custom microphone and air tube hooked up to a relay, this clever little device is designed to blow out any residual water. We programmed in a 2 second pulse time when the call button was pressed which would trigger the gust of air along the tube and out through the microphone holes. Amazing! Oh and fear not, no make-up will be ruined in the event of using this system. The release is gentle yet effective enough for you to watch the droplets being expelled from their living quarters in front of your very eyes.

So now you have met Mike. He enjoys the odd cocktail, a good chick flick and most DEFINITELY getting caught in the rain.