How We Can Create The Perfect Intercom System For Your Home Or Business!

An Intercom System For Business Or Residential Use, Designed To Meet Your Needs

In today’s modern, technology fuelled era, the concept of activating another device remotely through your mobile phone is relatively common and not really very surprising; however, not long ago, this idea was unique and entirely groundbreaking. The original TelGuard product, with its intelligent use of combining telecommunications with security and access control, won the Surrey Innovation Award in 1995. At that time, it was far less common to be walking around with a mobile phone at all times and the phones that did exist were the size of household bricks!

In the almost twenty-five years which have since passed, at Commtel we have encouraged many users and customers, as well as installers and general industry allies, to think up new features and make suggestions regarding what our customers are looking for and how things could be further improved. Our intercom systems for business or homes use are continuously being reviewed and we look at any potential upgrades, reviewing the initial design process..

These changing times bring with them new challenges and opportunities, which need greater innovative solutions at affordable prices. We are continuing to stay ahead of the game by embracing our customer’s feedback and overcoming industry challenges, as well as leveraging similar market needs. We are determined to continue to improve and expand upon our intercom system product ranges to find solutions to any issues which may arise. Our team works hard to create innovative intercom systems for homes and businesses that provide a functional and high-security solution.

This recognition of issues is not limited to products alone and has been an important part of our company's’ development of software and programming options but, most of all, customer support and ownership investment.

At Commtel, we also build parts that get installed into other manufacturers products. We work to create bespoke software and unique alternatives to many hard to source or otherwise poorly performing components, across the security and communications sectors.

So, what do you wish that your intercom system could do which it currently can’t?

With our creative, logical and determined team working to improve the products we have to offer each and every day,we will endeavour find a solution to any problems you may have. Whatever it is you’re hoping for, get in touch with us here at Commtel.

We may be able to make your wish come true…

Get in touch today with a member of our team to discuss how we can create a bespoke intercom system for your home or business.