Joining Together With Other Companies

Commtel has always worked closely with other companies on joint ventures to produce brand new products. Projects are not limited to just door access and access control systems; we also create unique hardware and software products for sectors as varied as law & order, motor, security etc.

Lots of these initiatives actually end up enhancing Commtel’s core range of door intercom systems and products, so it becomes a win win for everyone involved.

One example of this is our “Alert” feature, which allows owners to agree customised text messages when a particular event happens. These messages can be sent out to a list of chosen recipients, and can include scenarios such as “The door is being forced”, “The gate has been left open” or “The barrier is damaged”, etc. These messages are sent within seconds of the incident occurring, meaning those who receive the messages will quickly be alerted to the problem and be able to help prevent further issues from arising. This is a fantastic way to improve the security of your premises.

Special modifications that suit those more extreme environments are also useful, and have been created in this way. Examples of these are the ‘Mic Blower’, which clears the mic’s holes of surface water, or the ‘Internal heater’ which protects the unit from extreme cold weather. We can even offer ‘Special power supplies’, which provides battery backup against mains failure, so that you will remain protected and your system working, no matter what the scenario may be.

All of these developments came about because of customer requests, or joint development. Some of our most highly specialised and, in some cases, unique products have been designed, developed and produced for various companies; where we give exclusivity to our new partner company, thus allowing them to maximise their return on their investment.

From high/low entry posts, hubs and satellites, special circuit boards, custom metal work, hearing loops and many other bespoke requests, there are no ends to the efforts we will put in to produce high quality products for our customers to meet their needs.

We aim to provide only the best door intercom systems, customised to match your exact requirements. If you have an idea or require a bespoke door entry product that does not exist, why not put us to the test? Call Commtel today to discuss your project on +44(0)1306 710120.