Fully Customisable Door Intercom Solutions

“A Customised Fascia to suit you, Sir!”

Commtel Ltd’s premiere range TelGuard has a custom-made service available which “bespokes” or tailors the product to your exact needs, a fully made to measure service; both inside and out.

The chassis, (the box the electronics sit inside) made from high-quality British 316 marine grade stainless steel, can be made to measure to whatever size you need. You may be replacing a unit and the hole in the wall is larger than a new standard model, no problem we will just make you a bigger box to fit the hole. These can also be, either surface mounted or flush to the wall. Our experts will work with you to agree on a set of cad drawings to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Not keen on the standard stainless steel finish? Not to worry! Here at Telguard, our intercom entry systems are designed entirely with you in mind. Alongside our standard stainless steel finish, we can also offer these systems in brass, bronze or chrome finishes. Want something even more special? If you have a particular colour in mind and you can provide us with the “RAL” number, we can have your Telguard door intercom entry system powder coated to meet your requirements. It really can be made completely tailored to your needs.

Alongside tailoring the colour to meet your requirements, we can also offer you special cut-outs, and additional features such as battery backup, low voltage draw and lightning protection. Besides these, the appearance of the door intercom systems can also be made bespoke to your exact needs, by providing: different colour buttons, keypads and displays!

Here at Telguard, we have an R&D department in the UK and, just like the Formula One teams when they come up with a brilliant new idea, we too quickly try to integrate the most popular ideas into our standard off the shelf product range!

Internally, we can put together the perfect customised intercom entry system which will suit all of your requirements. Whether you’re needing it to service your house, your workplace with 300 offices or a block of 1000 flats, no job is too large or small for us! Here at Telguard, we’ll be able to fulfil all of your door intercom system requirements. With a Telguard unit designed with you in mind, you can’t go wrong!

The likelihood is that if you can think of doing something, we’ll either have already done it or will be able to find a solution to meet your requirements. Please, put us to the test and get in touch with Commtel Ltd today for your bespoke door intercom system quote! Contact us on +44(0)1306 710120!