Our Gate Access Control Systems At Brocket Hall!

Gate access control systems are often defined by their use of modern technology alongside cutting-edge communication techniques. Thus, they can be associated with larger commercial properties and locations associated with the production of valuable goods. However, it is just as important to realise that these very same configurations can be deployed to protect historically significant structures. One stellar example of a Telguard project involves the well-known stately home Brocket Hall. Let us take a look at this historic property before examining the entrance gate security systems provided by Telguard and what benefits we are now able to offer.

A Site Rich in History

Brocket Hall can trace its initial roots back to the year 1239 when it was known as either Durantshide or Watership. It changed hands numerous times over the years and its main 17th-century building has served as the backdrop for numerous films such as Pride and Prejudice, Murder with Mirrors and the Labours of Hercules. It is therefore quite understandable that an effective security system was required in order to protect the rich history of this location. Unfortunately, many sites managed by the National Trust have been plagued by systems that are now considered to be out of date. This was the initial reason why the consultants at Telguard were contacted.

The Evolution of Gate Access Control Systems

It only stands to reason that the effectiveness of any security system will evolve with the state of current technology. Brocket Hall was the first stately home to leverage the benefits of these systems. However, a handful of problems began to emerge over time. One major concern was the sheer size of the estate itself. Brocket Hall is comprised of 33 different cottages interspersed within thousands of acres of land. Three roads provided main access to the site and each of these entrances was governed by its own discrete automatic gate system.

The main issue is that these entrances were well over a mile apart from one another. Communications were therefore a real concern. Visitors and employees needed to be provided with secure access to the main hall, reception, each of the 33 cottages as well as other important areas throughout the complex. Furthermore, each point of call (the phone of the occupant, in this case) was required to open the appropriate gate when necessary. It was therefore quite understandable when Lord Brocket requested that the systems be upgraded accordingly. This was when the expertise of Telguard was put into use.

Flexible Entrance Gate Security Systems for Discreet Uses

One of the metrics which has enabled Telguard to represent the vanguard of modern security systems is the simple fact that the frameworks themselves can be moulded around the requirements of the customer. While the project associated with Brocket Hall was indeed challenging, solutions were always present. Telguard provides a number of bespoke options including:

  • Multi-user networks
  • weather digital keypads
  • LCD Screens
  • Direct connections to approved mobile devices
  • Automatic alerts to the appropriate authorities
  • Bespoke intercom panels

It is also important to mention that these gated security systems are aesthetically pleasing; an obvious benefit when referring to National Trust properties. As a result of this massive upgrade, several estates neighbouring Brocket Hall have employed Telguard as their go-to option when security and reliability cannot be compromised. We are quite pleased with these results and if you would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us directly.