Why Choose Door Entry Phone Systems?

The Telguard Analogue door entry phone system was our first telephone intercom system solution, launched back in 1992. Having obtained full BABT approval this year, our units were the first to be authorised for official connection into BT's exchanges.

The Landline version of our system requires a dedicated analogue telephone line connected to the panel. This allows the system to make a telephone call through to either a landline or mobile phone number when the relevant property button is pressed. You then simply answer the call as normal, speak to the visitor, then allow access by pressing a command on your telephone keypad. Easy! This means you can allow access to your property from anywhere in the world, without the visitor knowing you're not at home. This can be extremely convenient when expecting deliveries, these devices allow clear communication and therefore the chance of confusion is minimised.

From an installation perspective, the Landline technology used in our telephone intercom systems makes remote entrances far more accessible, as cable restrictions are virtually eradicated. Power, telephone line and a connection to the operating equipment is all that's needed to have a complete access control solution. As long as all of these elements are available, installing an intercom phone system is simple and will add a huge amount of convenience to your day to day life, as well as providing peace of mind when you are away from home.

Our Landline units also have the ability to plug into a PBX/PABX system. Providing you have an analogue extension of the phone system, with the ability to generate DTMF tones, then the Telguard can sit as an extension. This means there are no additional running costs or call charges, unless the Telguard rings an external number. If your system is digital, you can request an ATA (analogue terminal adaptor) from the phone system provider which can convert the line to analogue (please check with your provider for compatibility).

Landline technology provides reliability and flexibility, which is synonymous with the Telguard brand. This simple method of communication is still a popular choice of platform in our industry today. Our intercom phone systems have remained so popular as they provide significantly improved communication from those inside buildings to those wishing to gain access. As well as this, these systems also act as a deterrent to potential threats as you are able to see who you are letting into your home, before it’s too late. Although it does not eradicate them completely, intercom phone systems have a significant positive impact on security.

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