Door Entry Systems For Apartments

Telguard is the ideal audio solution for blocks of flats or apartments, as our apartment intercom systems are not only easy to use but they are also able to be installed anywhere. Traditionally, a site would need to run multiple cables to each property in order to allow communication for the hard-wired door entry systems for apartments. Not only is this extremely costly from an installation perspective based on the labour involved, but it can become troublesome from a technical perspective moving forward also. Our apartment intercom systems help to eradicate problems and minimise the difficulties that you would traditionally face. Not only are they modern, slimline and aesthetically pleasing to look at, but they are also durable and able to dramatically improve security. In fact, just the presence alone of door entry systems for apartments can deter potential thieves

Modern Apartment Intercom Systems

Should the apartment intercom system experience any problems, it would require site attendance to check the handset within the flat, the intercom on the outside of the building as well as all of the cabling in-between. The Telguard intercom systems for flats requires only 3 connections, so no access is required to the flats themselves for installation or fault-finding. From a homeowners perspective, this provides them with a much less disruptive solution. It simply calls your existing landline or mobile phones, then you press a button on your keypad to allow access.

If your site requires individual call buttons, then we are able to tailor the system to match your needs and requirements. Please click here for a selection of our recommended products if this is the case. For our multi-user systems with either an LCD screen or digital keypad, please click here.

In the situation where your site has multiple blocks, then you may benefit from our Hubs & Satellites set-up, which utilises a single phone line or SIM card for up to 7 intercom panels. You can find all our specific wiring information here, for example, such as technical guides.

For more information regarding our apartment intercom solutions, please do not hesitate to get in contact on +44(0)1306 710120, via email or live chat below. We’re always more than happy to assist with any enquiries and advise you on your best options.